The Illuminati Conspiracy

The all-seeing eye on the dollar bill

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You probably noticed the image of the all-seeing eye is at the tip of the pyramid on the American one-dollar bill. While often known as the Eye of Providence because it represents the eye of God watching over humanity, it has become the symbol of the Illuminati, the Cabal, and occult (hidden) secret societies in the minds of most conspiracy theorists.

The base of the pyramid consists of a deceived and enslaved common populace. As you ascend, each level contains fewer and fewer of the institutions and people who are “controllers” and possess more and more power and influence. At the tip of the pyramid — the all-seeing eye — are the few controllers who share the most power and influence.

the pyramid of controlThe goal of the power structures is to turn humans into sheep who can easily be manipulated and pacified while the top of the pyramid seizes control of the world and captures the resources for itself. Those at the top have no concern for those people at the bottom; their only concern is to stay at the top, no matter what. The people in the middle layers of the pyramid are just the minions who assist the ones at the top.

You can learn more about these in the movie “Thrive,” produced by Foster Gamble (descendant of the Gambles of the Proctor and Gamble corporation) who elaborately explains these power structures.

Above the All-seeing Eye

The All-seeing eye conspiracy started in Rome

The Jesuits’ headquarters is in Rome; the leader is called the Superior General or Black Pope

The tip of the pyramid represents, to most theorists, the persons or person at the highest level of the Earthly domination and control program. In a Red Ice Radio interview, Karen Hudes, a high level dissident and World Bank whistle-blower, explained that those at the tip are the Jesuits.

The Jesuits are the members of the Society of Jesus, which was founded in sixteenth-century Spain. Pope Paul III approved the organization of the order in 1540; some believe he authorized them to destroy Protestantism and reinstate worldwide Papal rule.

The Interview with Hudes didn’t stop at the disclosure of the Jesuits. The interviewer asked, “Who controls the Jesuits?” Hudes said, “If I answer that you will end the interview right here.” The interviewer replied, “We’re wide open here. We talk about anything. Who is it?”

Extraterrestrial Controllers

Aliens are above the all-seeing eyeHudes’ shocking reply leads us to the grand mama of all conspiracy theories: “It goes off planet.”

She then proceeded to speak of an incident where a tall, steely gray-eyed hominid with an elongated skull walked into a top-level World Bank negotiations meeting.

Whoa, hold on. First, do extraterrestrials even exist? There are too many facts and reports to ignore at this point, so we must conclude yes. (We will expose the Alien Conspiracy in another article).

Second, why would they be involved in our government and in control of the Jesuits?

According to the Allies of Humanity Briefings — a series of books by Marshall Vian Summers that he claims to have channeled from a group of off-planet beings who desire to share their wisdom and perspective — the extraterrestrials are intent on secretly and subtly enslaving humanity. This is the Endgame for humanity.

The Allies of Humanity who Reveal the ConspiracyThese beings have run out of resources on their home planets; they see Earth as a “rare jewel” in the universe, rich in biological and material diversity. But because our world is so biologically diverse and they typically come from very sterile environments, they cannot live here — they can only visit for periods of time. They only need a small surviving slave population to assist in the raping of our world’s rich resources. And they also use us to create hybrids who can live here, be in positions of power over our governments, and be loyal not to humanity but to non-human powers with non-human interests.

Earth is not the first planet to be pillaged by powerful alien forces. Summers’ book Life in the Universe depicts what happens in worlds that have been infiltrated, and it is frighteningly like much of what conspiracists claim to see in our own world power control systems today.

There seems to be enough going on here to label it as more than just a hoax. We agree the power structures in the levels of the pyramid exist, and there is a group at the level of the all-seeing eye. We also agree that there’s too much evidence to ignore that extraterrestrials are here. Are aliens manipulating those in the eye of the pyramid, the ones at the controls of government, commerce and religion? Probably, but it’s hard to prove.

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