The 9/11 Conspiracy

19 years after 911 conspiracy

Conspiracy rating - 2 (Mostly True)CONSPIRACY RATING: 2 (MOSTLY TRUE)

The 9/11 attacks on September 11, 2001 is a difficult conspiracy to decipher, even many years later. That’s because the official explanation itself is a conspiracy theory and there are several other popular conspiracy theories to consider.

The official government explanation is only the first level of the 9/11 conspiracy. The second level contains several popular conspiracy theories beyond the official explanation. And finally there is the endgame conspiracy, the deeper level conspiracy behind the second level of popular conspiracy theories.

Each 9/11 conspiracy theory contains some truth, but one of them is most hidden and reveals a higher motivation behind the attacks. It’s like a Russian doll set: one conspiracy hides another conspiracy which hides another conspiracy. You have to peel back the outside layers of conspiracy to get to the heart of the truth.

russian dolls mask the 911 conspiracy

To get to the deep, dark motive behind 9/11 requires courage

It can get quite confusing. By breaking down the events and subsequent consequences of the attack into simple examinations of “Who Benefits” (cui bono) from these conspiracies, the layers of deception become plainly evident to anyone who cares to look.

Looking objectively is the real challenge. It makes us vulnerable to disturbing truths that are difficult to face as they threaten our ideas about the world and our illusions of security within it.

Beyond the official government explanation, which is itself a 9/11 conspiracy theory, and beyond all the other 9/11 conspiracies theories, what remains? What has been the overall legacy on our world years after 9/11?

….skip ahead if you are already familiar with the official explanation.

The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Explanation

Most of us know the official 9/11 conspiracy story. On September 11th, 2001 four passenger jets were hijacked by teams of 4-5 Arabic men (directed by Osama bin-Laden), armed with box cutters, took control and flew commercial aircraft to the following destinations:

At 8:15 Flight 11 was hijacked and at 8:46 AM the 767 jet smashed into World Trade Center (WTC) building #1, caused an explosion and fire which burned for about two hours, weakened the steel frame and totally collapsed the building at near-free fall speed at 10:28 AM.

At 8:42, Flight 175 was hijacked and at 9:03 AM the 767 jet smashed into WTC building #2, caused an explosion and fire which burned for about one hour, weakened the steel frame and totally collapsed the building at near-free fall speed at 9:59 AM.

At 8:46, Flight 77 was hijacked and at about 9:37 AM the 757 jet crashed into the Pentagon and exploded as it smashed through the façade and other walls. At 10:10 AM, a section of the building above the impact zone collapsed.

At 9:16, Flight 93 was hijacked and at 10:06 AM the 757 jet was either shot down or flown into the ground as the crew and passengers tried to take back control of the plane near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

At 5:20 PM, after small fires had been burning on multiple floors for many hours, WTC building #7 totally collapses, and falls at near free-fall speed into its footprint.

Government/Media Propagada Campaign That Follows

Following the attack, Americans were in shock and the mainstream media (MSM) took full advantage of this confused psychological state. On the day of the attacks, the television networks suspended normal programming and began 24-hour coverage of the events. This continued for an entire week.

Within three days, the FBI had compiled a list of the 15 hijacker operatives that Osama bin Laden directed, while operating from caves in Afghanistan. The MSM released details with lots of background stories about previous Islamic terrorist activities and attacks in the U.S and other countries.

The MSM covered “Ground Zero” and told about the tragic loss of life, rescue operations and site cleanup that lasted 9 months. On September 13th, the White House announced there was “overwhelming evidence” that Osama Bin Laden was behind the attacks. The most successful attack on American soil since the 1941 Japanese aerial attack at Pearl Harbor was orchestrated by one man from a cave in Afganistan.

Video of the horrible 9/11 attacks, with planes hitting buildings, people jumping out of towers, crowds running from the collapsing towers, and injured and distraught victims was shown repeatedly. The images would be saved all over the internet and burned into the memory of hundreds of millions of Americas. People were purposely traumatized and conditioned so that the series of government policies to follow would be more easily accepted.

References like the Wiki 9/11 Conspiracy Theories page was created to discredit people and groups that offered alternative 9/11 explanations.

Official 9/11 Commission Report

The 9/11 Commission was set up on November 27, 2002, “to prepare a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11 attacks.” The 567 page 9/11 Commission Report was released on April 1, 2003 and fully supported the official government explanation.

The study was partially based on the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) investigations that was underfunded and initiated after most of the debris had been removed from the WTC site. NIST went to great lengths to model aspects of the attack that were well understood while sidestepping the core question of how the Twin Towers totally collapsed. NIST insisted that damaged fireproofing was the chief culprit of the collapse.

It is true you must be willing to look at everything. But it is not true that you must accept everything, bond with everything, welcome everything. Of course not!

“Higher consciousness does not mean that you do not make critical evaluations. It simply means you view things from a higher vantage point. This does not mean that everything becomes gray. It means that everything becomes clear. You clearly see what to do and what not to do, what is good and what is not good. If this is not the product of spiritual study, then someone is being disabled.” Effects of Pacification Program, from the Allies of Humanity briefings

Thus, the official explanation of 9/11 is that 15 Arab attackers conspired to strike terror into the heart of America by hijacking 4 commercial airplanes and flying them into famous buildings, causing the TOTAL collapse of 3 buildings in the World Trade Center complex, enormous damage at the Pentagon, and killing thousands of Americans in the process.

Their plan succeeded by penetrating the air defenses and security measures of the most militarized nation in the history of the world. The attack was masterminded by just one Muslim man (Saudi dissident Osama Bin Laden) living in a cave somewhere in Afganistan. And the airplane hijackers did all this with just box cutters and very basic flight training.

What is the official motive for this attack? Why would Arabs want to kill Americans? On September 20th, just days after the attack, President Bush told the American Congress it was because, “they hate our freedoms.”

Members of Congress further suggested that extreme, radical muslims sought to re-awaken the centuries-old war between between Muslims and non-believers. Only by waging a holy jihad (war) against unbelievers would devout Muslims reach Heaven in the afterlife – “Killing in the name of Allah.”

Americans Question the Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Many architects, engineers, pilots, first responders, and demolition experts viewed the events of 9/11 from a higher vantage point. They never accepted the official 9/11 conspiracy theory and began to ask questions, conduct investigations of their own and share research with each other, the 9/11 Commission, the MSM and the public.

They searched for the greater truths surrounding 9/11 and then everything became clear. To many, the 9/11 Commission’s explanations for the WTC 1,2 & 7 building collapses stood in sharp contrast with what science and logic revealed.

“Humanity is made up of individuals, and humanity has always been furthered by the determined effort of a small percentage of its populations. What furthers humanity is men and women of good will and true inspiration joining together to carry out important tasks to meet problems that are existing and to prepare for problems that are emerging on the horizon.” The Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity” from The Allies of Humanity, Book Two

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

A small percentage of the population joined together to carry out important and crucial research. The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE for 9/11 Truth) founded in 2006, identified key witness testimony, photos, video and forensic evidence that proved that the WTC 1, 2, & 7 was destroyed by “controlled demolition”. Carefully placed explosives and other devices had to have been placed and detonated to bring down the structures into their footprints, at near the rate of gravity free-fall.

This implied that the demolition of WTC 1, 2, & 7 would have required the installation of demolition explosives and triggering devices in advance of September 11. The demolition experts must have had unrestricted access to the steel columns and beams and planned the detonation of explosives in coordination with the airplane attacks. They had to make the detonations appear as though airplanes caused the fires and destruction of the buildings.

This explanation completely contradicted the official account and so it was labeled as a conspiracy theory by the government and the MSM, despite the fact no steel framed building in history had ever “pancaked” due to fire without the use of demolition explosives.

Inherent Strength of the WTC Towers

What AE for 9/11 Truth knew is that jet fuel and office fires could not have caused the failure of the entire steel structure and sudden collapse of WTC 1 & 2. They studied the structural drawings for the building and confirmed that massive steel columns, beams, trusses and the concrete floor structure was designed to withstand large plane strikes and jet fuel fires. They also knew that the office fires on three floors of the 51-story WTC 7, were not struck by a plane, and could not have caused the sudden failure of the entire steel structure to collapse into its footprint.

Their research also revealed that, in the last 100 years, the only total collapse of steel framed high-rise buildings were caused by controlled demolitions. This group presented substantial evidence supporting the hypothesis and the conclusion that detonation caused collapse of WTC 1, 2, & 7.

Beyond Misinformation, What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7?

In 2015, AE for 9/11 Truth published their 48-page booklet entitled ‘Beyond Misinformation, What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7’.

This report revealed many unscientific and illogical explanations in the 9/11 Commission Report, and presented ALL the evidence that supports the “detonation caused collapse” hypothesis. This group of scientists asked the right questions. They were open to the answers that would emerge once they revealed and analyzed the evidence.

“Follow what you know, and you will learn how to be open. Follow what you know, and you will learn how to think constructively. Follow what you know, and you will be able to enter new territory in life and experience life in a new way.” – Honesty

Evidence for Detonation Caused Collapse of WTC 1, 2, & 7

• The collapse was total, leaving none or only very small parts standing relative to a 100+ story building. In other building collapses in history, huge chucks of concrete and steel are strewn about.
• Video shows vertical sequences of explosions and window breakage on WTC7. (This building was not struck by a plane.)

9/11 controlled demolition squibs

Photo of South Tower showing squibs
and large outward bursts of debris.

• The onset of the collapse was sudden.
• The collapse was symmetrical through what was the path of least resistance.
• The buildings descend to the ground was at near free-fall acceleration.
• Demolition squibs (isolated explosive ejections) were visible outside the main zone of destruction as the buildings fell.
• High velocity outward bursts of debris were visible.
• Concrete and other materials were pulverized, resulting in fine dust clouds and accumulation of dust powder 2-3 inches thick from river to river
• The building’s steel structure was totally or mostly dismembered.
• The exterior columns were broken up into three-story prefabricated sections.
• Spherical iron and spherical or vesicular silicate particles resulting from exposure to high temperatures were present in the dust.
molten steel days after the 9/11 attack• Molten metal could be seen pouring out of WTC 2 and molten steel was present in the basements during cleanup operations.
• Eroded, sulfidated steel in the debris showed evidence of sulfur, an additive to Thermite, with makes steel melt at lower temperatures.
• Small unreacted nano-thermite chips, a form of Thermite with explosive properties engineered at the nano-level were found in the debris dust.
• Witnesses inside and outside the buildings observed multiple explosive sounds, vibrating exterior walls, and low level light flashes previous to and during the collapse of the buildings.

Inexperienced Pilots Could Not Have Flown 767 into the WTC & 757 into Pentagon.

Many experienced airline pilots did not accept the official explanation that pilots with minimal flight simulation training could have piloted the 767s and hit the buildings on 9/11. Reportedly, the best hijacker pilot was unable to successfully land a small Cessna single engine plane.

Pilots for 9/11 Truth, investigated the ability of pilots to fly a 767 plane into the WTC and the Pentagon. A number of experienced airline pilots with thousands of hours of flight time, used a flight simulator to try to fly the smaller and more maneuverable 757 into the WTC 1 & 2 and Pentagon. They failed repeatedly to strike the buildings. They were only able to strike the buildings once they slowed the plane down to landing speeds, which were 5 times slower than the actual 9/11 radar data recorded speed.

It would have been impossible for an inexperienced pilot to fly the 767 into the Towers at the radar data speeds. It would have been impossible for an inexperienced pilot to fly a 757 at 530 miles per hour, on the complicated approach to the Pentagon.

These pilots insist that it would have been impossible for the alleged United 175 to continue a controlled flight when the radar showed it was traveling 510 knots, more than 85 knots over the speed, which caused the structural failure of the 767 plane, Egypt Airline flight EA990.

Evidence for Missile Strike on Pentagon

According to the government report, at 9:37 AM American Airlines Flight 77, a Boeing 757 with a wingspan of 124 feet, struck the Pentagon at approximately 530 miles per hour. It struck the first section of the Pentagon façade that had been hardened. FBI agents seized video from nearby businesses within minutes of the attack and would not release these videos to investigators.

This recently leaked Pentagon security camera video shows a gray missile looking object flying very low and parallel to the ground before striking the Pentagon. It lacks a tall tail section and the large mass of a 757 plane.

This video is consistent with the approximately 22’ wide hole pierced through the outer reinforced concrete Pentagon wall and a 16’ diameter hole in Ring C, the Pentagon’s middle ring.

Pentagon hole in outer wall (Pentagon Building Performance Report)

This photo shows no evidence of wing debris that should been deposited next to the wall on either side of the impact 22’ hole through the outer wall of the Pentagon. The exterior façade collapsed, opening up a much larger gap, about 20 minutes after impact.

16’ hole in Ring C, the Pentagon’s middle ring

Witnesses that arrived on the scene shortly after the crash commented on the lack of debris, which would be expected from a loaded 757 plane with a wingspan of 124 feet hitting a heavily reinforced wall. A few commented that the hole looked like a missile had hit the Pentagon with no signs of damage that wings striking the building should have caused. No one ever found a single remnant of that plane, although it appears that a small number of isolated aircraft pieces were later placed, photographed, and released by the Pentagon.

Evidence for a Missile Strike in Field near Shanksville

According to differing government reports, Flight 93 was either shot down or flown into a field as the crew and passengers tried to take back control.

One of the mysteries about this attack was the empty crater in near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Neighborhood witnesses following the smoke plume at this site, shortly after hearing the crash and explosion, were shocked to find only a small 10 feet deep hole that contained small pieces of debris.

First responders at the small crater of Flight 93 Crash Site

The small crater lacked the large amounts of debris that a loaded 757 with a wingspan of 124 feet would have generated. After repeated requests, German reporters in 2007 were unable to get the FBI, United Airlines, and its insurance company, to show evidence of any Flight 93 wreckage.

No engine, fuselage or other large pieces of the airplane wreckage were ever recovered, a first in aviation disaster history.

Special Federal Grand Jury Convened to Hear Evidence Omitted by the 9/11 Commission

On March 24, 2019 a 23-member Special Federal Grand Jury was convened to will hear the voluminous evidence and witness testimony that was not considered in the 9/11 Commission Report.

Family members and consortium of architects, engineers, and other scientists and technical experts maintain that the pattern of destruction of three skyscrapers on 9/11 indicates that they were destroyed by controlled demolition, using pre-planted explosives and incendiaries. World Trade Center Building 7 was never hit by a plane, yet collapsed in a perfectly symmetrical manner in seven seconds.

This 58-page petition, filed April 10, 2018 by ‘The Lawyers’ Committee, was the basis for convening the Special Grand Jury.

“The Lawyers’ Committee has reviewed the relevant available evidence . . . and has reached a consensus that there is not just substantial or persuasive evidence of yet-to-be- prosecuted crimes related to the use of pre-planted explosives and/or incendiaries to destroy WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 in New York City on 9/11, but there is actually conclusive evidence that such federal crimes were committed… The Lawyers’ Committee states unequivocally that the evidence permits no other conclusion – as a matter of science, as a matter of logic, and as a matter of law.”

The grand jury will have the ability to conduct a thorough investigation, using evidence collected by the 9/11 Truth Movement over a 17-year period.

“So its job is to investigate crimes that are reported, determine if a crime was committed, and, if a crime was committed, determine who committed that crime — or at least who there is evidence committed a crime so that an indictment can be returned and the U.S. Attorney can begin a prosecution.” Mick Harrison, Attorney

A Precedent for American False Flag attacks

If  9/11 Truth movement explanation is true, President Bush or Vice President Cheney must have known about the false flag operation, and possibly orchestrated the entire event. Does this sound crazy to you?

It’s not so crazy considering that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recommended a similar plan to kill Americans to rally support for a foreign war in 1962. The plan, code-named “Operation Northwoods,” was presented to President Kennedy and called for a “false-flag” terrorist attack and the murder of many Americans in Florida, and elsewhere, in order to blame the Cubans for the crime:

“The desired resultant from the execution of this plan would be to place the United States in the apparent position of suffering defensible grievances from a rash and irresponsible government of Cuba and to develop an international image of a Cuban threat to peace in the Western Hemisphere.”

If successful, enough popular support would have been generated from the attack to justify an invasion of Cuba and topple its communist leader, Fidel Castro.

Fortunately, President Kennedy nixed the proposal and fired the General who submitted the plan. Kennedy must have considered the plan as clearly unlawful, immoral, and if it were ever revealed to the public, would strike a huge blow to the country by undermining the confidence of the American people in its government. We feel that this could be one of the main reasons why President Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy one year later in 1963. 

There have been other well-documented American false flag operations:

  • In 1898, the The Spanish-American War began after an explosion took place on the USS Maine as it was moored in the Havana Harbor.
  • In 1964, The Gulf of Tonkin “incident” sparked a mass escalation of the American invasion of Vietnam.

Let’s continue to look at the overwhelming evidence that proves 9/11 was a conspiracy much larger and insidious than the official conspiracy theory we were given…

Was 9/11 an Inside Job? What Was the Purpose of the 9/11 Conspiracy?

The Special Federal Grand Jury will have many questions and hear lots of evidence. Here are a few of the questions they might be asking.

Who was really behind 9/11? Was it an inside job and did it go to the top? Was the G.W. Bush/Dick Chaney administration and high-level agency officials involved in planning 9/11, and was it perhaps one of biggest hoaxes in American History?

What intelligence agencies were involved in the 9/11 planning and execution and what was their role? Had Intelligence agents inside the CIA and FBI been coordinating with terrorist groups and operatives that had been planning attacks against the U.S. for years?

It looks like the planners wanted to make sure that WTC 1, 2, & 7 were completely destroyed. They must have contracted demolition companies to enter through security at WTC 1, 2, & 7 during the evening hours, gain complete access to the building, and plant explosives on the structural columns and beams in advance of 9/11. They would be used to trigger the explosions, after each crash had burned for a specific length of time, and made to look as though the plane fires caused structural members to fail and then collapse the entire building. Who knew about this plan and helped facilitate it?

Why did they plan this event with such a large loss of life and property?

Why Bomb the Pentagon?

On September 10, 2001 a Pentagon audit revealed $2.3 Trillion had gone missing. That’s right, Donald Rumsfeld, the Secretary of Defense himself admitted that the Pentagon’s accounting office could not account for trillions of dollars!

And wouldn’t you know it: the Accounting department of the Pentagon was destroyed by the missile that hit the Pentagon one day later. All the documents stored in that part of the Pentagon were destroyed. The evidence for the missing and unaccounted for money was destroyed!

Perhaps the destruction of the twin towers in New York was an extraordinary diversion to prevent people from seeing the coverup of the real crime at the Pentagon. It seems like the accounting department was actually the target of the attack. Of all the departments to get destroyed in a multi layered 5 sided building, only the accounting department was destroyed.

Where did the Pentagon money go? Into a Secret space program perhaps to fund a breakaway civilization for the elites to explore the solar system and eventually escape Earth? In this light, 9/11 seems closely linked to the extraterrestrial alien conspiracy.

Wherever the money went, American taxpayers were defrauded of $2.3 trillion. This alone provides enough of a of motive to commit 9/11 and kill thousands.

Building 7 Housed Stored SEC’s Legal Docs

Building #7 of the World Trade Center was a 47-story building that contained offices and stored vast amounts of documents for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

In 2001, there were several ongoing SEC investigations into securities fraud surrounding several hot Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) of Internet companies, issues by Wall Street investment banks. The Los Angeles Times published reports estimating them at 3,000 to 4,000 cases were affected by the destruction of Building #7.

SEC office destroyed in Building #7

“All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building,” according to US Secret Service Special Agent David Curran.

BBC Can See the Future

Building #7 was declared collapsed and destroyed before it actually fell!

Jane Standley of the BBC reported that World Trade Center building 7 had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually did. In fact, it was standing over her left shoulder the entire time!

How would she get such information? Was she clairvoyant? Or, was this story pre-fed to the media, like all the other news is pre-fed to journalists.

Create Fear to Start Wars

Was this intended to place millions of Americans into a state of fear? Were they relying on a fearful nation to accept surveillance programs, loss of privacy and Mid-eastern wars?

Is this why they used video crews already in position down the street from the WTC to record the plane strike explosions that could be shared immediately with TV media?

New Laws Give Government New Powers and Strip Civil Liberties

Prior to 9/11, the Legislature was resistant to proposed laws giving government agencies more power to spy and collect data on American citizens. They were resistant to getting involved in Mid-eastern conflicts. After the attack, the Legislature was more than ready to give more power to Governmental agencies and go to war with the countries that harbor “terrorist groups”. They were ready to join the “war on terrorism”. A number of laws passed after 9/11 gave the government more power but also reduced privacy and human rights:

USA Patriot Act, October 26, 2001
The Patriot Act granted law enforcement and Intelligence agencies broad new powers to spy, detain, and charge citizens, while freeing the same agencies accountability to the people.

Homeland Security Act, September 11, 2001

The Homeland Security Act reduced privacy, increased government secrecy and power and strengthened government protection of special interests.

Military Commission Act, September 28, 2006

The act permits the use of classified evidence against a defendant, without the defendant necessarily being able effectively to challenge the “sources, methods or activities” by which the government acquired the evidence. The accused need only be informed of charges against him when it is “practicable” (for the purposes of his captors).

Bush’s “War on Terrorism”

The Bush Administration’s war on terrorism following 9/11 helped assure a second term in the White House. The 9/11 terrorist attacks were used to exaggerate the threat of Islamic radicalism, particularly the Al-Qaeda terrorist organization, and justify the aggressions that were immediately unleashed on Afghanistan and Iraq. Afghanistan war plans were on Bush’s desk on 9/9/2001.

Normally, it takes months for the Pentagon to prepare detailed plans for bombing and invading a country. It takes much time to identify targets, supply routes and enemy defenses and even more time to plan an offensive designed to strike deep and destroy the operational security of your foe.

The Attack on Afghanistan

The Bush Administration delivered an ultimatum to the Taliban leadership in Afghanistan, to hand over Saudi-born dissent Osama bin Laden or face attack by the U.S.

The military would safeguard poppy field production so the CIA operatives could deal in the heroin trade and funnel illicit money into covert CIA operations worldwide. American companies would profit from oil and production in addition to weapon and equipment sales.

The Attack on Iraq

In the fall of 2002, U.S. President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair used fictitious evidence that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction to garner public support for the attack on Iraq. The U.S. went to war with a new doctrine of preemptive first strike, in defiance of international law and in contempt of worldwide demonstrations against attacking Iraq.

By going to war with Iraq, they could help bring large oil fields back into production. American companies would profit from weapon and equipment sales, oil well construction, military base construction and re-construction of the country’s infrastructure.

There were also many private individuals and companies who made a killing from 9/11…

Silverstein Cashes in on Insurance Policy

The Port Authority owned WTC complex came under control of a private control for the first time in mid-2001. The complex was leased to the private partnership of Silverstein Properties and Westfield America. The new controllers acquired a handsome insurance policy that would pay for losses in the event of a “terrorist attack” and release them from 99-year lease obligations. The private companies would get the city to dispose of the building debris, excavate the site and help build a new house on the site.

Insider Trading

Financial transactions in the days before the attack were unusually high. Bloomberg News reported that put options on the United and American airlines surged to the phenomenal high of 285 times their average daily trading volume. Put options allow investors to profit hugely when stock values decline in value by a certain date. A number of people must have had advance knowledge of the airline companies that would be affected on 9/11 to have profited in this way.

The Popular Conspiracy Theory is that 9/11 was an Inside Job

There is substantial evidence that Government insiders planned the 9/11 event to psychologically affect the American people to gain public sentiment and support for laws that would increase surveillance, reduce privacy and rights, and support Mid-eastern wars and conflicts.

The government worked hard to get rid of evidence before it could be thoroughly investigated and analyzed. The debris and scrap steel was quickly sold and shipped to China. They also controlled the official 9/11 Commission Report and its conclusions. They controlled the narratives broadcast daily over the MSM. They confiscated some video and photographic evidence, but couldn’t eliminate the large number of private videos recorded at the various sites before and during 9/11.

The planners failed to fully anticipate the ability and tenacity of the American people to seek out the truth and use science to disprove the official Government explanations. They failed to anticipate that organizations like Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Pilots for 9/11 Truth and other 9/11 truth organizations would collect substantial evidence and witness testimony. They failed to anticipate that a Special Grand Jury would convene to hear substantial evidence disproving the official explanation for 9/11 and pursue criminal charges.

Cui Bono? Who Benefits from the 9/11 Conspiracies?

So, who benefited from the 20-year worldwide war between fundamental Muslims (“the terrorists”) and the West?

Yes, the arms makers and bankers would make gobs of money from supplying both sides of the wars in the gulf region for decades to come.

Yes, the United States would have it’s new Pearl Harbor and the perfect excuse to build dozens of military bases in Eurasia (Russia’s backyard) and become the master of the Grand Chessboard and control 3/4s of the world’s energy resources.

Yes, the oil industry would produce billions of barrels of new oil and sell it to Western customers earning Trillions of dollars.

Yes, governments would have new excuses to further surveil and restrict the freedoms of people in their home countries, making the planet look more and more like a glorified work farm.

But who benefits from more fear? Who benefits from a world divided and at war with itself? Who benefits from more suspicion amongst the human family? Who benefits from citizens distrusting their own leaders? Cui bono?

Is There an Alien Agenda behind the 9/11 Conspiracy theories?

“While the [Extraterrestrial alien] Intervention will present itself to its believers and its advocates as a benign and spiritual force, in reality it will be supporting the very forces that undermine humanity’s integrity, its unity and its self-confidence. The Intervention will undermine people’s belief and confidence in their leaders and their institutions, thus fostering a vacuum of confidence that can easily be shifted to a foreign power that is presenting itself as a benign and advanced race.”

This is the nature of deception that is placed upon a weak and divided humanity—a deception generated by several competing groups of economic Collectives who seek to have advantage here.”

Quoted from The Allies of Humanity Briefings, Book 3, Briefing 3: “The Tools of the Intervention

If the Alien agenda is to weaken human unity and confidence in our leaders, then the 9/11 conspiracies have been an overwhelming success.

As of 2016, most Americans believed 9/11 was an inside job, meaning that more people believe the fringe 9/11 conspiracy theories than the official 9/11 government report. 

When asked if 9/11 was a “new Pearl Harbor” designed to shock Americans into blindly accepting anything the government wanted to do, more people agreed than disagreed.

This distrust of government erodes public confidence, long-term, and creates a vacuum of opportunity for alien races to present themselves as enlightened saviors of a flawed, corrupted human race.

The strategy is as old as the galaxy: divide and conquer.

The End Game Result of 9/11 Conspiracies

Many years after 9/11, most people have forgotten that we’re supposed to hate Muslims for the attacks, be vigilant about security and to “fight them over there so we don’t fight them here.”

Most people have never heard of the trillions stolen from the Pentagon or the thousands of SEC investigations that were crippled or the missing tons of gold from the vaults of Building #4. Those crimes will never face justice.

What remains is a deep distrust of human leadership, and a world divided.

That is the bottom line result. And who wins when humanity distrusts its own governments? What out of this world group(s) would want to replace human institutions? What hostile forces want humanity fighting itself so that we don’t see the real threat of a covert agenda to colonize Earth?

Most American believe the government is hiding information about the attacks. Around 40 percent of people believe the government is hiding information about extraterrestrial aliens.

The information kept secret about 9/11 relates to disclosure of an E.T. alien conspiracy to destabilize the world and make it ripe for alien rule. This is the larger conspiracy that overshadows the 9/11 conspiracy. This is the endgame that is playing out within our lifetime, and likely beyond it.



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