Coronavirus Conspiracy


Conspiracy rating - 2 (Mostly True)CONSPIRACY RATING: 2 (MOSTLY TRUE)

The world is on virtual lockdown: no one is flying, most people aren’t working, schools are closed, financial markets are crashing, and yet, more people have died from the seasonal flu than from the Coronavirus, as of March, 2020 (live data here).

In the U.S. alone, the regular flu has caused 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

This is the perfect environment to ask ourselves: is the Coronavirus a conspiracy to achieve some other objective(s).

First, let’s look at some of the strange, scary and ultimately bogus Coronavirus conspiracies offered in social media.

Dean Kountz novel from 1981 predicts a virus coming from Wuhan

Is it simply a coincidence that a novel written in 1981 mentions a diabolical virus originates in the Chinese city of Wuhan? And Wuhan actually has the most advanced bioweapons laboratory in the entire country. But the official media story is that the virus started in a “wet” seafood market very near the bioweapon facility.

Dean Kountz, the author, is one of the richest authors in the world, who reportedly racks up $25 million a year in earnings. How would he know about a virus in Wuhan 40 years ago? Is this another one of those Illuminati clues embedded in popular culture that informs the general public of future disasters as required by a satanic contract that “the people” must be warned before the herd is culled? Unlikely.

The mystic nostradamus

Did Nostradamus Predict the Coronavirus?

Every good conspiracy story needs a prediction from Nostradamus!

The French preacher Nostradamus predicted in 1555 that humanity would suffer from a serious illness, which would be difficult to destroy:

“The great plague of the city Will not cease until there be avenged the death Of the just blood, condemned for a price without crime, Of the great lady outraged by pretense. Brothers and sisters captive in diverse places”

The problem with quoting Nostradamus, is that he mentions blood and destruction so much throughout all of his writings that it’s hard to discern what he’s talking about.

China Wants to Harvest More Human Organs

While the Chinese government has been accused of organ trafficking in China of Falung Gong religious practitioners, it doesn’t seem to make sense that the government would need the excuse of a virus to kill its own citizens.

Since it’s already an authoritarian government, China routinely executes those it deems dangerous to preserve “social stability.” Perhaps “democratic” nations in the West would need the virus as a pretext for murdering its citizens, but not China.

Coronavirus is a “Bio” Weapon Designed to Reduce Human Population

There are competing theories here. One is that the virus was developed by the Chinese in their lab in Wuhan to reduce their population. The virus was then deliberately released into the nearly “wet” market to infect the local residents who had been bitterly complaining and protesting about air pollution in Wuhan.bioweapons and the coronavirus conspiracy

The next theory, promoted by Chinese officials, is that the virus was created by the American Army and then placed inside of China via 300 American athletes participating in the 7th Military World Games in Wuhan.

Another theory is that the virus was developed in a North Carolina lab many years ago, stolen by Chinese spies, transported to China and then deliberately released.

None of these bioweapon conspiracy theories hold water for us.

First, there is no evidence that this virus was created in a lab by humans.

Second, the mortality rate of this virus is greater than the seasonal flu, about 1-5%, but far lesser than a bioweapon, which typically has a mortality rate of at least 50%. That’s hardly an effective weapon if the intent is to reduce the population of Earth, as some have claimed.

Third, “bio” means “life.” How can life be used as a weapon? More on this concept later when we delve deeper in to the health aspects of the Coronavirus conspiracies.

That said,we are nonetheless aware of alarming developments that show we are dealing with the Weaponisation of the Biosphere , as you will see in this article.

Serious Conspiracy Theories

Putting aside the dubious theories above, we can begin to look at the very serious fear that has been generated in the media, ask ourselves “How?” “Why?” and consider Qui bono – who would benefit from a pandemic? This is the heart of any serious Coronavirus conspiracy.

It is reported that many people have died from Coronavirus, which is a very serious matter. However, hundreds of thousands of people die every year from: the regular flu virus (290,000 to 650,000 deaths a year), car accidents (1,240,000 deaths a year) and cancer (9,600,000 deaths a year). Why the panic over Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus Crisis Generates Unprecedented Fear

So, what makes this Coronavirus different from other, far more deadly, health epidemics? What has driven the world economy to a virtual standstill? How are people convinced that their lives are at danger from an invisible thing called a virus?

Tom Hanks coronavirus

Actor Tom Hanks and his wife were diagnosed as having the Coronavirus.

First of all we suggest that, like all viruses, it is due to the lack of control people perceive – you can’t see it, smell it, hear it or touch it – therefore you can’t avoid it. It’s like “an invisible enemy,” as President Donald Trump said, which is terrifying.

Secondly, it seems that even high placed government officials are getting sick and dropping like flies in places like Iran and the Netherlands, supposedly due to the virus. Also famous people like actor Tom Hanks, Members of Congress (Reps. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Fla., Ben McAdams, D-Utah, Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY)) and NBA basketball players  have been declared infected. If rich, powerful and famous people are susceptible to getting the virus, then average people have no better chance of staying healthy!

Thirdly, the reported virulence and high contagion levels further ratchet up the panic factor since the virus would quickly spread and overwhelm national health systems. If 10,000 elderly people in New York City need to be hospitalized at the same time due to Coronavirus, that’s a real problem. This epidemic has seemed to appear quickly and mysteriously. Broadcast all these factors, over and over through worldwide media outlets, and a mild panic for toilet paper in Australia is easy to achieve.

Last but not least, never before have such drastic measures been taken by governments all over the world at the same time. Shutdowns of schools and businesses from Tokyo to New York, Stockholm to Pretoria, definitely influence the mindset of people.

Fear is what can drive the public most passionately and quickly towards some pre-planned objective(s) desired by private interests. Fear is prevalent in the world and is a powerful force in our mental environment. Is this a PLANdemic?

“We live in both a mental and physical environment. We can influence the mental environment around us, but to a far greater extent we are influenced by the mental environment. The mental environment contains forces that affect our thinking and emotions and that can dominate our personal minds.” – Marshall Vian Summers

the battle for the minds and hearts of humanity

Fear as a Weapon

The U.S. military has long known about the power of fear to destabilize a country’s populace in order to replace that country’s leadership with one that is more compliant with U.S. interests. This has been officially confirmed and accomplished many times in countries like Iran, Honduras, Nicaragua, Congo, Vietnam and Chile.

PsyopsThe C.I.A. has been in the business of creating false “psychological operations” (PSYOPS) designed to put fear into the minds and hearts of ordinary people in other countries in order to achieve some political agenda. This is also called “terrorism.”

However, PSYOPS don’t just happen outside of the United States. 9/11 was a fake terrorist attack that actually was a controlled demolition of the World Trade centers. 9/11 took away many freedoms of Americans through the production of mass fear. This is the subject of many 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Now, we see fear mongering in the mass media about the Coronavirus: 2.2 Million People in the U.S. Could Die If Coronavirus Goes Unchecked.

Could the coronavirus conspiracy be a PSYOP, a 9/11 to destroy the economy and instill fear? Could the Coronavirus conspiracy be a controlled demolition of the world economy to justify greater governmental powers and an attack on freedom?

To us, this feels like 9/11 all over again. It is as if someone wants the world to see something horrific, to fear something, and ultimately to make ordinary people consent to give up their freedoms.

Why close all schools, sporting events and “non-essential” businesses, and make people stay at home, which then creates an economic strain for billions and produces more fear? Several medical professionals, independent scientists, journalists and experts have questioned the Coronavirus panic and claimed that these measure are disproportionate and overblown. Could this be yet another billion dollar epidemic?


The Political Coronavirus Conspiracy: CoronaGate

This conspiracy theory suggests that multiple, powerful entities deliberately unleashed the Coronavirus in order to sabotage the world economy and, in turn, President Trump. The Chinese government, the American “deep state” and the Democratic party in the USA would all like to derail President Trump’s re-election campaign in November, 2020.

panic for political changeDoes this sound far fetched to you? Four years ago, we would have agreed. But four years ago, we didn’t believe that:

  1. Donald Trump would become President.
  2. Hillary Clinton would be such a horrible candidate and employed tactics that backfired on her during the 2016 election.
  3. FBI agents would collude to remove President Trump even before he was sworn into office.
  4. Congressional democrats would spend years trying and failing to prove that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election because of Russian interference via a few amateurish Facebook ads in a conspiracy supported by Trump.
  5. Congressional democrats would double down on their lies by impeaching President Trump with weak accusations of self-serving actions with Ukraine. Ironically, this is exactly what former Vice-President Joe Biden did and merrily bragged about it at a Council on Foreign Affairs public event.

With such insanity and dishonesty the norm, anything is possible at this time. Besides, there are plenty of motives to go around. Trump has made plenty of enemies…

Democrats have had an axe to grind since Trump beat them in 2016 and thoroughly embarrassed the party. They would do anything to get rid of him, even making millions go without a job for months, if necessary. After all, “it’s either root for a recession, or lose your Democracy,” according to progressive comedian Bill Maher:

The “Deep State” has been in cross-hairs of Donald Trump from the beginning of his Presidency. He has openly and repeatedly declared his intensions to “drain the swamp” in Washington DC.

Who is the deep state? It includes the dark spy agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA and the black budget programs inside the Defense Department. These are all agencies that for decades have practiced the dark arts of public deception, national destabilization, psychological operations and assassinations.

They have billions at their disposal, and armies of loyal soldiers. Their stated objectives are to take out any government in the world that is not in alignment with U.S. interests. These are people you shouldn’t openly criticize, if you’re wise.

USA China GDPThe Chinese government was forced to make big concessions in recent trade deals with the USA and Trump’s negotiating team.

They would have no problem deliberately tanking the global economy in order to remove Trump and have another softie at the bargaining table, like Barrack Obama. Plus, the Chinese could claim the trade deal is void, if Trump is thrown out of office in November, 2020.

Yes, the Chinese economy would suffer, and it has, but with authoritarian rule, it will ride out the crisis much better than liberal, Western nations. The Chinese think in terms of decades while Western leaders think in terms of 2-4 year election cycles. The Chinese have their eyes on the prize: regaining the #1 spot in the world economy by the next decade: 2030.

Finally, consider that in 2009 the H1N1 virus (also known as the swine flu) infected over 1 billion people and killed over 250,000! This barely affected the stock market or the economy. Think logically. Why? Who was holding political office at the time? President Obama officially declared H1N1 a national emergency in 2009, but there was no hysteria like there is today.

Preserving Status Quo Political Power and Squelching Protests

Another convenient benefit from the Coronavirus conspiracy to those in power is that all major domestic political protests have virtually stopped!

Protests stop from coronavirus conspiracy

The French gilets jaunes (yellow vests) protest movement had seen demonstrations for 63 straight weeks in many French cities – until the coronavirus scared them off the streets.

Most of the protesters were sick of higher fuel taxes, E.U. mandated “austerity,” and blatant evidence of  corruption, even by French standards. The protesters demanded radical reforms, the least of which was the removal of Prime Minister Macron.

The protests between the police and yellow vests turned violent many times and were seen as the worst in France since 1968.

The yellow vest symbol has been picked up by protesters on the right and the left in at least 25 other countries around the world from 2018-2020.

The Hong Kong freedom and independence movement had many clashes with police in 2019 over the issue of independence from the communist party in mainland china.

There were many other domestic uprisings well in 2019-20 in Spain (Catalonian independence), Italy, Iran and mainland China.

Since February 2020, these protesters around the world have largely disappeared partly for fear of contracting or spreading the Coronavirus and partly due to governmental measures who have forbidden crowds in the name of health.

The Economic and Financial Coronavirus Conspiracy: The Failure of the European Union

The economic Coronavirus conspiracy claims that the pandemic is an excuse to cover up for the failure of the European Union, and the failure of negative interest rates imposed by the European Central Bank (ECB).

The European Union is a failure for many reasons, and the 2020 Brexit shows that the people are starting to see this.

Euro bank note

The failure of the Euro as a currency is driving a switch to national digital currencies.

When the ECB created the Euro currency, it did not consolidate the debts of the Euro countries in one bond market, like in the USA. This makes the Euro itself a make-believe currency with no backing.

This has created huge imbalances in trade between the richer northern countries (Germany, France, the U.K.) and the poorer southern countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece). As a result, poorer countries have been forced into economic “austerity” where social programs are slashed in order to make up for the imbalances. This has led to economic stagnation in the Eurozone since the 2007-08 financial crisis.

In an attempt to stimulate economic growth in Europe, the ECB has employed a negative interest rate policy since 2015 (the USA is currently at 0%). Negative interest rates are where depositors must pay banks interest to hold their money for them. This has never happened before in history and now there is over $15 trillion of negatively yielding debt in the world.

This is insane and cannot continue. Everyone knows this. The system is broken. How can this be unwound? Conveniently, the Coronavirus offers a way out, by forcing people into privately owned central bank digital currencies (not Bitcoin or other public cryptocurrencies):

“I have been in this game for 40+ years. This Coronavirus is a cover for a much more serious conspiracy orchestrated by the government to deal with the very structural crisis I have been warning about. I am NOT one to promote conspiracies. I prefer facts and so when I say there is a clever conspiracy behind the curtain, I do not say this lightly.

Disrty cash infected by coronavirus

Dirty cash needs to be eliminated?

The view of the ECB is that they realize they are trapped and the Repo Crisis has emerged because of a collapse in confidence among banks because the EU refuses to bailout banks. Therefore, any bank dealing with a European bank that fails will receive a 100% loss. I have been warning that even the Bundesbank authorized German banks to act as custodians for cryptocurrencies. That was not a decision to make sure cryptos are safe. It was a step towards confiscating cryptocurrencies and converting them to government digital currencies.

Not just the Bank of England has now come out about converting to the digital currency, but Sweden has just published a similar paper. The BoE is sending this around to the press to hopefully plant the seed that this is the solution and the Coronavirus is being used to crush the world economy so people will move to the digital world to save their future.

Christine Legard [head of the ECB] has come out many times stating that countries should create their own digital currency. Her view has been that the only reason negative interest rates failed was that people hoarded their cash. The solution is to cancel the currency and force people to deposit their Euros. They can then use the Forced Loan measure when canceling the currency fails. This all appears to be lining up for the Monetary Crisis Cycle.

Central Banks will NOT surrender their authority. They will NEVER concede that they have been wrong with the negative interest rates. They cannot now allow rates to rise without collapsing themselves. So the next step in the game to retain power is to cancel the currency. This is why the dollar is king for Trump will not join that bandwagon so easily.

So it appears they have been feeding the press and willing to accept nonsense with the Coronavirus to deliberately collapse the economy and they hope that this will justify their drastic solution to eliminate paper currency.”

– Martin Armstrong

While the Coronavirus will get blamed for the worldwide economic depression, the weakening Euro currency and the collapse of banks in Europe, the root causes of these economic problems go much deeper. The coronavirus was just the match that set this fire ablaze. The officials in charge of the ECB, the Federal Reserve and other central banks will use the coronavirus to shift blame and accountability away from themselves.

Dirty Cash Infected by Coronavirus

credit card terminalSupposedly, physical cash is carrying the virus and some countries are burning paper bills! We are told that we need to eliminate cash because cash is “dirty” and carries the virus. Supposedly, paper money can host a live flu virus for up to 17 days.

The solution? Again, central bank “digital dollars” which would prevent private monetary transactions and allow the government to tax EVERY transaction in the world. It’s a money grab, like all conspiracies are.

In truth, the terminals we use to pay with credit cards and ATM cards are far more dirty than physical cash.

Local, Organic Food to Disappear

Farmer’s markets are being shut down which hurts small farmers and their ability to stay in business which is great for the Big Organic agriculture corporations that have green-washed the organic food industry. Eliminate the competition and corporate profits are sure to improve:

“Competition is a sin.”

 – John D. Rockefeller, founder of Standard Oil, today known as Exxon Mobil

Eliminate the one true source of healthy, natural, clean food and human health will suffer. This forces greater consumption of green-washed food made by corporate agribusiness. Food and drug corporations have a financial interest in getting people sick. What could go wrong by putting small organic farmers out of business?

The Depopulation Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation.“ Prince Phillip (1988)

georgia guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones call for a population reduction on Earth.

That’s an interesting quote for the foundation of a conspiracy theory that claims rich elites want to depopulate the world, as espoused on the mysterious  Georgia guidestones. The Club of Rome has been advocating for controlling the “population bomb” through Planned Parenthood, easy access to abortions and other measures since 1970.

However, western countries have been experiencing a natural DE-population trend since at least 2010, and now must rely upon 3rd world immigrants to keep up their population and continue economic growth.

Chronically Sick and Poisoned People are Most Vulnerable, Not Just Old People

It is pretty well documented that the Coronavirus afflicts people over 60 the worst. And Italy has the oldest population in Europe, with about 23% of residents 65 or older. So, it’s no wonder that Italy has been suffering the most deaths lately.

26 year old with coronavirus

A 26-year old with coronavirus.

But what if these deaths are not 100% attributable to the virus itself? Apparently, almost all of the older people dying in Italy already had diseases like diabetes, heart conditions and high blood pressure. The coronavirus just pushed these already sick people, young and old, over the edge.

The average age of those who’ve died from the virus in Italy is 79.5. As of March 17, 17 people under 50 had died from the disease. All of Italy’s victims under 40 have been males with serious existing medical conditions.

And in the United States, where young people (Millennials mostly) partied during St. Patrick’s day, some of them now, to their great surprise, are getting seriously ill. This has dispelled the notion that this is only an old person’s disease. We see the Coronavirus as not an old person’s disease, but as a chronically sick and poisoned person’s disease!

The 5G Wireless Technology Conspiracy

There is a movement on social media that claims 5G wireless technology is making us sick. But the science on the dangers of the frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum used by 5G is not conclusive.

There is another theory that could help explain the danger of 5G and the Coronavirus epidemic:

“Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell…they are not the cause of anything.”

-Rudolph Steiner

What if ALL electromagnetic radiation (besides visible light)  has a cumulative, deleterious affect on human health, including radio waves and microwaves? We already know that certain ionizing radiation can destroy our genetic codes which can lead to weakening our health. And what if the human family has learned to adapt over time to new, worldwide increases of certain electromagnetic frequencies? This might explain previous worldwide influenza epidemics that killed millions. Here’s the evidence presented by the doctor in the video above:

wireless 5g

Is the coronavirus being triggered by the introduction of new wireless, 5G millimeter radio waves?

The introduction of new radio waves via commercial radio and electricity correlates with the influenza epidemic of the 1918 “Spanish flu.” The introduction of new radio waves via earth orbiting satellites correlates with the 1968 “Hong Kong flu.” And the introduction of 4G cellular radio waves via smartphones correlates with the 2009 “H1NI flu.” Correlation does not necessarily mean causation, but it’s an interesting coincidence, wouldn’t you agree?

And most interestingly, 5G technology (with new millimeter radio waves) first rolled out in November 2019 in China.  Wuhan was the first city that was blanketed with 5G signals.

5G is scheduled to be launched in North America and Europe in 2020. If the coronavirus epidemic lasts well through 2020, it may track the deployment of 5G around the world.

Update, March 25: President Trump signed two bills into law that mandate the rollout of 5G within 180 days in the USA.

Medical Martial Law Conspiracy Theory

Already in the United States, the Bill of Rights is under attack as the 1st and 2nd amendments (freedom of assembly, right to bear arms) have been suspended in many places. The National Guard has been called into service in New York state to enforce quarantine and keep people in their homes. Not many people have objected to this unprecedented level of government restriction in our lives.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has long sought dictatorial powers and has been pushing legislation under the title  Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). This is a bill in Congress to increase state powers to respond to bio-terrorism or other outbreaks of disease that the CDC deems a national threat.

Denmark made a law that allows them to enlist the police in forced testing, treatment, and punishment relating to the coronavirus.

What’s brewing is a Medical Martial Law conspiracy theory to put the military in charge under the pretext of health and safety. There is no doubt that the forced closing of businesses is a major disruption for billions of lives, regardless if the pandemic is killing people. An over-reaction to the coronavirus could be far worse, in the long-term, than the current medical pandemic, according to this theory.

Forced Vaccinations

forced vaccinationsThe medical martial law Coronavirus conspiracy leads to the pre-meditated solution: forced vaccinations that are justified to halt the spread of this supposedly deadly virus.

Vaccinations have been hotly debated and have many conspiracy theories already, so we won’t go deeply into it here.

However, it’s enough to say that vaccinations could be an excellent way to deliver life-altering poisons directly into people. Technological solutions have already been developed to track the delivery of vaccines into the population.

A digital certificate can verify if you have been vaccinated and was developed by MIT and Microsoft. They are looking at merging this with Bill Gates’ ID 2020.

If you’re NOT vaccinated for the Coronavirus, you may not be allowed to get on an airplane, or go to a sporting event. Sound crazy? It’s not any more crazy than not being permitted to bring water on airplanes today as a result of 9/11 hysteria.

It is entirely possible that this virus scare has been a deliberate plot to get people to accept digital implants delivered via vaccines. Refuse, and you will be prohibited from social gatherings.

Like 9/11 when we were conditioned to be x-rayed before entering a plane, now the next stage is to embed digital markers that have been tested in dogs and cats.

What is a Virus? The Virus Conspiracy

Viruses Don't Exist

The Encyclopedia Britannica and the Oxford English Dictionary both define a virus as, “an infectious agent of small size that can multiply only in living cells.”

However, viruses seem to be a scientific theory, not fact. Some scientists claim there is no proof that viruses exist, where they come from, how they move from person to person, why they sometimes disappear, or even if they are always harmful.

This may come as a shock, but no virus has ever been isolated and photographed inside a human, not even the AIDS virus. All the images of a “virus” you see in the media are made up by graphic artists. There is more, the technique claimed to be able to detect and isolate viruses, was never meant for this purpose and its  very inventor, 1993 Nobel prize biochemist Kary Mulles, vehemently opposed this application. 

It is interesting to note that the German virologist Dr. Lanka offered 100,0000 Euros to anyone, who  could prove, in a German court, that the Measles virus exists and is the cause of the Measles disease. Up to date nobody has been able to claim this amount of money. Then there is Dr.Young, who offered any scientist in the World a finders fee of 5 million US dollars if they could prove the existence of the HIV virus using Koch’s postulates. It has now been over 20 years and he is still waiting for anyone to come forward.

So, what are scientists testing here?

“Antibodies are believed to be an indication that the person has been exposed to certain “antigens” (any substance that induces an ‘immune’ or bodily response). What LabCorp, Quest Diagnostics et al are looking for, through a series of complex and indirect biochemical procedures – is the presence of antibodies to certain proteins, NOT antibodies to an actual virus. The scientific method, presently utilized, makes the indirect conclusion that the presence of specific proteins are evidence of the infectious virus. The testing is always by indirect means. Why? Because as of 2020 virologists have not been able to isolate an actual virus from a host cell. In essence, what virologist are identifying are protein particulates and stretches of genetic material that are interpreted to be specific for a given virus and therefore concluded to be the virus! How is this possible. The answer lies in the “cell lines” or “cell lineage” that are used as reagents. Much like an illusion or magic trick, these “cell lines” are, for lack of better term … fixed. By fixed, what I mean is that the “cell lines” used come from genetic material that someone, somewhere, at some point declared as harvested from the given virus in question – which was never the case. That would be impossible as virologists have never been able to isolate an actual virus from a host cell. It simply became dogma. It is so incestuously interwoven in the fabric of the industry that no one would ever question it. The laboratory protocols are so complex, inverted and circular, that the old adage of not being able to see the forest for the trees applies here in spades.” – Dr.Smookler

Are Viruses Harmful?

Even if we accept it as fact that viruses exist, are they always harmful?

Many aspects within modern medicine are not fully understood. For example, science still does not know how aspirin, Tylenol or penicillin work. Also, metastasis and infection theories have never been verified.

Germ theory itself and the role of infections is still being debated:

“It is important to note that the theories of fight and infection were accepted and highly praised by a majority of the specialists only if and when the countries or regions where they lived were also suffering from war and adversity. In times of peace, other concepts dominated the world of science.”

coronavirus conspiracy Some other scientists argue that, like the bacteria in our body, we have trillions of beneficial viruses in our bodies right now, even if we are healthy!

There are some developments within the scientific community that point to the so called Fourth Biological Law discovered by Dr. Hamer. These studies have found that viruses resemble in many ways so called “extra-cellular vesicles,” information transmitters made of proteins which are considered innocuous for the body.

They are now hypothesizing the idea that either: 1) the virus has learned to imitate these vesicles but, like a Trojan horse, transport “junk” information to the cell, or 2) the vesicles have learned to imitate the virus but without carrying information that would compromise the cell. Scientists label junk anything they do not understand but they are reconsidering this junk as there are cues that seem to point to the fact that this junk may be vital for a healthy DNA sequencing of the cell. Some scientists claim that although the fundamental difference between these vesicles and viruses is the latter’s ability to replicate, there seem to be many in between variations, as biologist Eleonora Meloni explains.

It’s clear that there is still no agreement or clarity within the official scientific community regarding what a virus really does and therefore is. And we have seen that throughout human history, what people do not understand often becomes discarded or violently feared.

Maybe a virus is nothing more than a belief, a hypothesis, a projection of our fears which comes with certain criteria that have not yet been met by reality and what are claimed to be viruses may be ultimately misunderstood but essential exosomes which help excrete debris in response to certain stress stimuli, both internal and external. What we thought were the pyromaniacs, may be in fact the firemen!

So, if viruses are not necessarily these creepy entities we thought they were, what could be causing this pandemic?

Poison and Toxins

Human health is quite complex and is unique to every individual. However, there are universal needs that ensure human health. Everyone needs clean air, clean water and clean food to be healthy. Without these, our bodies become contaminated and eventually poisoned.

When we are poisoned, our bodies are constantly working to clean itself and it is in a weakened, vulnerable state. Viruses, or what is observed as one, and also bacteria could therefore be the result of a symptom rather than the cause of disease itself.  Like the sirens of firefighters, they give us a signal that there are dangerous fires burning nearby. According to Rudolph Steiner, “Viruses are simply excretions of a toxic cell…they are not the cause of anything.

viruses do not kill

Dr. Shiva holds a Ph.D in biological systems from M.I.T. as well as several other advanced scientific degrees. He has researched human health his whole life and is currently running for the United States Senate in state of Massachusetts.

When our bodies are in a weakened state, we become vulnerable to the most damaging illness of all: the belief that we are under attack from a dangerous threat. We are susceptible to threatening social influences, also known as “the influence,” or “the flu” and our bodies react in order to defend itself from this perceived outside threat.

And it is an over-reaction to these viruses that does kill us – via a Cytokline storm – our bodies go into a state of extremely high alert. If our bodies are in survival mode for too long, they exhaust themselves unnecessarily, and can eventually die.

Influenza – [ in-floo-en-zuh ]
Pathology. an acute, commonly epidemic disease, occurring in several forms, caused by numerous rapidly mutating viral strains and characterized by respiratory symptoms and general prostration.

Influenza from Latin “To Influence”
1743, borrowed (during an outbreak of the disease in Europe), from Italian influenza “influenza, epidemic,” originally “visitation, influence (of the stars),” from Medieval Latin influentia in the astrological sense.

The many people who are dying and suffering today may be in this situation due to combinations of:

  1. compromised immune systems from
  2. a lifetime of dirty air, dirty water and dirty food and
  3. fear pumped into the minds and hearts of people via a compliant and obedient media

To us, this is one of the biggest revelations that can set us free, keep us healthy and awaken us to the truth.

Who Benefits (Qui Bono) from Coronavirus Conspiracies?

So, if viruses are not what we think they are, and our health is determined by what we breathe, drink and eat, and even believe, what is there to fear? Once you’re over that hump, the next relevant question is, “Who would want to separate and divide humanity through fear of each other?”

who benefits from coronavirus conspiracy?As we have detailed, there are several powerful, status quo interests who would benefit from a Coronavirus pandemic:

  • The Communist party in China and other countries facing years of protests benefit by squelching dissent and preserving existing political power.
  • The many enemies of President Trump deal a severe blow to his re-election campaign by undercutting his perceived superiority in managing the economy.
  • Central banks and the entire ponzi scheme banking system would benefit from the introduction of national digital currencies. Governments would benefit from greater economic control and increased tax revenues.
  • The wireless technology industry would benefit by installing their 5G network worldwide without dissent under cover of a global viral pandemic.
  • The CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO) can further consolidate power by using the pandemic to erode freedom through forced “vaccinations” which would do more harm than any perceived microscopic threat.
  • Big Ag and Big Pharma can consolidate their market share and increase profits.

Fear and social separation is being ingrained into us now. It’s real. Who benefits from that?

Divide and Conquer Conspiracy

Walk around any place on the globe now and other will people look at you and wonder: do they have the virus? “Stay away from me!”

Divide and concquer is the goal of the coronavirus conspiracy

The Coronavirus conspiracy is breaking down the natural bonds that humans have with each other. The practice of social distancing is eroding the physical and emotional bonds and trusts that people have built to feel connected with each other.  It is turning an already atomized population into socially isolated, depressed people.

By replacing the natural inclinations people have towards cooperation with fear and distrust, we become more likely to accept a top-down, authoritarian government to “protect” us.

The supposed “incompetent” response of governments in the USA and Europe further creates a narrative that human institutions are doomed, corrupt or both to deal with a crisis. What is the ultimate solution?

The implied solution is that we need “enlightened” governance from a far more advanced off-world civilization who have achieved peace. It would be a government of wise extraterrestrial aliens who can fix all of humanity’s problems at once. Divide and conquer is the ultimate goal of the alien coronavirus conspiracy:

“There are those individuals in positions of power and commerce and government who are already in liaison to the [alien] Intervention…The extraterrestrial forces who are actually involved in your world, though they may try to present themselves as the allies and the saviors of humanity, are only here to gain your allegiance and to take control of your world. You have no friends amongst them. ”

– The Influence Upon Humanity

By creating distrust in our inner healing capacities, in the human family, distrust in our governments and distrust in our health care institutions, we become susceptible to thinking that we can’t manage our planet. We become more likely to accept Extraterrestrial alien rule.

The Solution is Unity and Courage

It is easy to become afraidThere is a way to defeat the forces that wish to divide and conquer us. It is to unite between ourselves and within ourself. It is about ending separation between people and within ourselves. It is even about ending the perceived separation between us and viruses, bacteria and micro-organisms.

Humanity is not a virus but one big family. If you look at Earth from space, an alien would not distinguish between countries or ethnicities or religions or economic classes. We’re all just the same to them. Likewise, humans, animals, plants and micro-organisms are one big family of life on Earth.

We have lived together with micro-organisms for millions of years. They are living within you now – without harm! They are an essential part of YOU. They respond to the appearance of poisons in their (our) environment. They help to regenerate and promote life, our life. They are symbiotic creatures within us. We need them, and they need us! Insulated, controlled and sterile environments may work for some off-planet races but not for the Native Race of Planet Earth!

The key is in our hand! If you don’t want to suffer from what are called “viruses,” stay away from poisons in your air, water and food! Reduce electromagnetic (EMF) radiation in your life as much as you can. Remove toxic products from your home. Get clean air, clear water and all-natural, organic food. And more than anything, think for yourself and manage and objectively look at your fears! Some fear is legitimate but most of it is illegitimate.

“The only thing we have to fear is…fear itself” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Instead of living in our fears with Coronavirus conspiracies, and living in separation from life, we can be strengthened and united. This will also make us less susceptible to invasion and enslavement of any kind. Whether it be slavery by any corporation, any hidden agenda, any extraterrestrial alien invasion and even any mental conditioning we may unconsciously absorb.

Stay woke and work together, so we can save humanity!

Earth from space

One Human family. One family of life on Earth.

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  1. Wow, Great article. As far as man made or not though, look at the list of a couple hundred nasty killers that we develop. It’s horrific what they have and they lose containment.

    Get on this: My house had it in Texas in January. People all over the US had it too, same scenario. My house persons and lady friend:

    #1 No symptoms
    #2 light fever, terrible dry cough, exhaustion. Residual lung discharge, lowered energy and wet nose 3 months later.
    #3 same but a week longer down in bed, terrible cough, diarrhea, still some lung residual feeling 3 months later.
    #4 We thought she was gonna die, over a month down, no fever, couldn’t talk or get up because talking triggered dry cough, no moving around for coughing and exhaustion. 2nd month, able to move around for short durations, longer times active and talking caused cough relapse.

    Same has happened to other groups…. some died. It was blamed on vaping in September. VAPING!!!!??????

    1st 2 cases of vape illness (which happened in clusters?) were next to American bio-weapons lab. Many vapers DIED AND HAD EXACTLY SAME “GLASSY” LUNGS SEEN ONLY IN COV19.

    Military games in Huwan?

    Check this out and think about it. You’ll never get it from the “News”.

    • Thanks Alio.
      It’s hard for us to envision “bio” weapons when bio, of course, means “life”.
      However, people with weakened immune systems are vulnerable to new forms of life which may be unfamiliar to the human immune system.
      Vaping could be an activity that damages the respiratory system and thus makes people more vulnerable to dealing with new, air born forms of life (viruses).
      Just another reason not to “vape” anyway. It’s long been suspected that vaping is more damaging to our lungs and respiratory system, especially for new smokers.

  2. Amazing article! It only sounds crazy to those who’ll read it through the eyes of illusion. In reality you couldn’t have put it any clearer. Wake Up Peoples of the world before it’s to late.

  3. Are you saying I can’t use cash anymore in the US because if I try somebody is going to flat out say “no”?

    • Hi M –
      Thanks for your question.

      What we are pointing out is that Central banks have a plan to remove physical cash from our lives. It has not been yet implanted. See the links in the article for more information on this topic.

      • M. Exactly. Expect soon enough be getting a “Sorry but no.” at the cash register for cash payments. You will do your work. Go to your quarters to eat and sleep. Food will be given. If you want to see the whole plan, here it is. Click on the circles, lines and links and watch how deep it goes. It’s literally from out of this world. You know about the Georgia Guidestones?

        It gets sold as the green thing to do with brotherly love Kum Bai Yah Earth Mama love at the core. It’s important to understand that from the controllers viewpoints, it’s the good, right and only way to go. Their viewpoints and whatever technology needed to implement the transition were slipped into the system to them over a long period of time.

        This has been being put in place over a very long period of time. The controllers of the controllers are off planet origins, not human and there are at least 2 powerful collectives of them trying to get the reigns of total control here. They are powerful, well developed in their progress, competing for control. They gain control THROUGH our systems and with your approval because of the 50 year ago takeover-control of our children’s education. Whoever controls 5-G and gets to put their plan into place will own the you and your great grandchildren.

        2 possible groups that you can see, that have both established total control plans in direct competition are:

        -The Chinese regime where already you are denied cash payments for a bottle of water, where A. I. already watches, penalizes or destroys people for anything divergent.
        -The UN regime and their Georgia Guide-stones off-world leaders.

        Watch as they battle each other with propaganda, weapons, viruses.

        Here is the UN group plan. Click on topics, the little circles, lines and boxes at the outer edges. You will feel like you are looking into the eye of the beast deep into it’s inner workings and plan. It is well underway. Brace yourself for this journey into the minds of the controllers of the controllers, the hybrids and their world leader, the one you call Anti-Christ or to get the religion out of the term, the Anti-Human. They consider us useless other than as slaves to get and produce what they need from here.

        The viruses would kill them in a month if they didn’t use the hybrids that they make from the abductions.

        I digress. Here’s plan A for your world’s total control. Click the buttons and study for 30 minutes. It will blow your mind. You might find that you’ve been duped and they’ve got you supporting their agenda!

        It’s very disturbing and confusing when you discover this. Because if THEY aren’t going to be allowed to establish an order that works, who will? It is a very big job and we have a lot of catching up with the game to do.

  4. Very well written. I would like to know who wrote this, please email me.

  5. Great article, well written. Wish everyone could stay open to reading this and the information in it. That’s the problem with too many…ok to accept one source of info but not the other. I try to stay open to all of it and get in line with what makes sense to me. Thanks for this. Thought provoking. Enlightening.
    Peace to you.

  6. Loved this article. It makes you really think. I get it. I don’t think the coronavirus is so deadly. I think it just another type of flu. The media is making it more than it is. To much fear.

  7. I still cannot get my head around how people fell for this one. It is reasoning with a brick wall. Your head will explode, but the wall will remain.
    Also, I had to use a Russian search engine to receive results like this page. It is unbelievable the absolute trash Google is. Type conspiracy and you will understand what I mean.

    • Yes, thanks. I searched for “coronavirus conspiracy” on Google and the top 30 results were ALL mainstream media. Articles like “Why people believe in conspiracy theories about Coronavirus” and others.

      The Internet is going to become just like the TV: all fake news without any dissenting opinions allowed.

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